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Freely accessible, Public Art humanizes the built environment and even emotionally enlivens public spaces. It is the visual crossroads between our history, present and future that connects disciplines and ideas. The art in public spaces reflects and reveals our society, enhances meaning in our civic realm and adds uniqueness to our community settings. Our communities gain cultural, social, and economic value through public art.


As the most democratic of art forms,
it serves as a platform for civic dialogue and community ethos. When done well, a public artwork engages citizens in conversation about understanding historical and cultural heritage, attachment to a pride of place as well as universal social connections. Public art can make public spaces more approachable as well as more embracing. Favermann Design’s staff has decades of hands-on experience with creating and implementing public art. Our firm specializes in functional public art that underscores quality streetscapes and community identity and builds creative placemaking.

Favermann Design works on a variety
of urban design and strategic planning projects. We use our creative approaches to analyze issues, create approaches, work out appropriate tactics and develop problem solutions. We are very sensitive to our clients’ needs, community-involvement and cost-effective budgets. These projects are often performed in collaboration with other consulting firms--both planning and engineering, and are worked through in a very transparent process.


Not only is our work design-oriented, but we are also involved in programmatic aspects of public spaces and civic environments. We have been involved in visionary master plans, community economic development strategies, commercial shops and restaurant locational optimization, civic orientation and signage and campus development. Our approach is most often site-specific that is tactically focused on client requirements to establish the best possible outcomes--both physical and organizational.

One can move through an urban setting with a destination in mind, the journey should be rich, varied and engaging—as rich an experience as the eventual destination. We do this by integrating into the urban fabric the notion of the placement and orientation of the individual to reassure comfort and efficiency.

Community Branding allows for enhancing the urban fabric. By adding visual quality and elegant function, it also fixes the holes and tears in the civic tapestry. The process of Community Branding emphasizes distinctiveness, projecting a positive image, while providing a shared sense of arrival
and a sense of place. It allows people
to be connected to not only location but to experience.


More than simply an identity or image, Community Branding underscores the unique character and personality of a particular place as well as strategically informs creative placemaking.

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